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Peri Menopause And Acne

Ladies, you just thought you were done with that acne phase you went through younger with those raging teenage hormones.


Now, heading into solid middle age, peri menopause and acne have both reared their ugly heads. Again, acne becomes a hormonal cross to bear, thanks to those fluctuating hormones of menopause. How could your body not respond in any other way than a few eruptions on your face and elsewhere on the skin?

Those Hormones In Depth

Estrogen is not the only hormone in flux during menopause but it is the dominant one that everyone focuses in on. The fact of the matter is that when it comes to peri menopause and acne, it is the androgens, the male sex hormones, which the female body does produce in limited quantities that may primarily fuel these skin eruptions.

These androgens affect the development of muscles as well as sex drive and even the production of hair, sebum (oil in the skin) and even the sloughing off of dead skin. Estrogen levels drop causing androgens, once just a small blip on the hormonal radar, to become more prominent in terms of peri menopause and acne occurrences. This means there is nothing stopping the skin from producing more sebum than normal as well as hindering the normal shedding of dead skin cells. As a result, the sebum gets trapped by these dead skin cells and becomes inflamed to form acne.

Hindering Those Male Hormones

While you cannot stop those male hormones from doing what they do naturally, you can make some changes to alter how peri menopause and acne rule your life. For instance, diet is the most important area that you can easily manipulate. Introduce more calcium and fiber in your daily diet, preferably by the foods you eat rather than a supplement. You get more nutritional value via foods, which work better for your peri menopause and acne problem than a pill.

Ease back on carbohydrates and fat intake as your body can transform some of them into the male hormone androgen, which in turn affects peri menopause and acne. Instead, boost your water intake as it can flush out your system and make those carbohydrates and fat seem less appealing. Vitamins B, E and C are also important in the prevention of acne as they can reduce the production of sebum in your body. Again, derive as many vitamins as possible through food rather than supplements.

Physical care should include the practice of exfoliating regularly during peri menopause and acne will likely occur less frequently. Exfoliating will help you slough off those dead skin cells that trap the sebum to form acne. Incorporating a toning product will also help dissolve excess sebum making peri menopause and acne production more bearable. In fact, your skin will likely glow from the pampering you are giving it between the water, exfoliating and toning procedures you are following.

It takes just a few simple steps beyond your natural flow of things to get a handle on your peri menopause and acne repercussions. Before you know it, those outbreaks will be a distant memory and you can experience the remainder of your menopause by putting your best face forward.